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Procurement-- PROCUREMENT: Permanent Materials, Temporary and Consumable Goods, Misc. and General Services.

This eBOOK provides instructions on the systems involved in the purchasing process within a company, and the associated activities involved by each disciplines through Procurement to delivery and use.

The eBOOK contains the following:

Vendors List and Bidders Lists. Guide for Quotations and Order Placement. Request for Quotation Package. Preparation of Exhibit 'A' Technical Document. Issue of Request for Quotation. Revisions to Request for Quotation. Communications &amp Correspondence with Bidders-Vendors. Procurement Status Report. Receipt of Quotations and Short Listing. Bid Evaluation. Recommendation for Award. Placing Purchase Order. Administration of Purchase Orders. Purchase Order Files. Revisions to Issued Purchase Orders. Expediting. Transport (Shipping/Airfreight/Road) Supplier Performance Evaluation. Assessed Vendors List. Miscellaneous and General Purchasing. Materials Control. Handling of Materials. Packaging and Transport. Paying for Goods and Services. Documentation. Assessment of Vendors. Shipping Instructions. Engineering Responsibilities. Terms & Conditions. Document & Data Submittal Requirements.