GASOLINE PLANT SPACING CHART   Select required Equipment from Dropdown    
    () NOTE  
  1 Where equip. is housed because of cold climate, std firewall should separate comp/process equip.   5 Service building includes offices, labs, change houses, gate houses, shops, maint. W'houses garages cafes & hospitals  
  2) 1140m3 / group. 30M between groups   6 Utilities include boilers, power houses and water treatment  
  3) Cooling tower seperation 15M for non Hazardous. 30M Hazardous   7 Control houses serving large or haz. Units and CCH's for multible units or housing comp. Equip. require > spacing + blast protection.  
  4)These are minimum distances and should be increased where plant is unattended or high value   8 Both stations >76m and <152 from compressor House,process area, loading racks, heaters, and main gas lines. Min 76m between stations  
      9 Distance = 132m less height of flare (min 61m) from process areas, major buildings, tanks.  

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